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Translation of embadurnar

embadurnar     to daub    

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We are just enjoying our trip and our entire stay here in Florida not caring to much about the rest of the world. We just want to live the moment as everyone else, says Flavio, a Brazilian student.
The view from the top was awesome. From there one could see that every house almost had a different color, but that the roofs were all tiled. I took my camera and took several images on diapositive.
The American (his name was Jeffrey) meant that this is the hour where usually the price of goods went down as the sellers were under pressure and did not want to return with the product.
Most common translations: ecología    doméstico    disipar    difamar    destreza    desinfectar    descendencia    dentro    decomisar    cíclico   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of embadurnar
embadurno  embadurnas  embadurna  embadurnamos  embadurnáis  embadurnan  embadurnaba  embadurnabas  embadurnaba  embadurnábamos  embadurnabais  embadurnaban  embadurné  embadurnaste  embadurnó  embadurnamos  embadurnasteis  embadurnaron  embadurnaré  embadurnarás  embadurnará  embadurnaremos  embadurnaréis  embadurnarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of daub   [ daubed, daubed ]