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Translation of embarrado

embarrado     muddy    

Translation by Vocabulix

Sample sentences:
El niño volvió a casa con los zapatos embarrados.

The child went back home with muddy shoes.

I know it is a little confusing. The problem is if the original word is a conjugated verb: I skipped them until now. I did not write it in my explanations. It actually must be skipped. Thanks for noticing.
The point is to add simple sentences, otherwise you will be spending 5 minutes on each word. Send me a list of let's say ten words and how many sample sentences you want or each word and I'll start sometime tomorrow and see how long it takes.
Have you ever done something like that in Spanish? I also think that we should see each other when you're close, I can help you with Spanish, and you can do the same for me in English. Do we have a deal?
Most common translations: educación    doscientos    dispuesto    dignidad    desván    desmayarse    desconsolado    depositar    defectuoso    cónyuge