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Translation of empaquetar

empaquetar     to package    

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In England, a man would still open a door to a woman, but in other countries this habbit is less common. In a way, habits that existed hundred years ago slowly loose their meaning and importance.
The view from the top was awesome. From there one could see that every house almost had a different color, but that the roofs were all tiled. I took my camera and took several images on diapositive.
The fans in the stadium was so much better than any fans in Europe. The atmosphere was pure football and people did not stop singing for ninety minutes regardless of the score. Outside the stadium there was smell of Asado.
Most common translations: elección    duodécimo    diálogo    dirigir    diagnosticar    despilfarrar    desenvolver    desagradecido    delincuente    debatir   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of empaquetar
empaqueto  empaquetas  empaqueta  empaquetamos  empaquetáis  empaquetan  empaquetaba  empaquetabas  empaquetaba  empaquetábamos  empaquetabais  empaquetaban  empaqueté  empaquetaste  empaquetó  empaquetamos  empaquetasteis  empaquetaron  empaquetaré  empaquetarás  empaquetará  empaquetaremos  empaquetaréis  empaquetarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of package   [ packaged, packaged ]