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Translation of empezar

empezar     Después de cocinar empezaré a comer. to begin     After cooking I will begin to eat.
empezar     to start    ; to begin    
empezar     to commence    

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Sample sentences:
Los adolescentes suelen masturbarse cuando empiezan a tener impulsos sexuales.

Teenagers usually masturbate when they begin to have sexual impulses.
Henry Fonda empezó una dinastía de actores. Henry Fonda started a dynasty of actors.
Ella ya ha empezado a trabajar en la empresa, pero todavía no aparece en la nómina. She has already started working in the company, but doesn't appear on the payroll yet.
por lo pronto; para empezar to start with; to start with
empezar de nuevo to start over; to work out
empezar, comenzar begin began begun
empezar a trabajar start work
empezar; comenzar to start
empezar a to begin to

I spoke to Juliette and she told me to organize the meeting with Jimmy and Rick. I would like to know the time and place of our meeting (on Monday). Looking forward to meet you all. Bye soon.
While time is a great healer, it is very difficult and not necessarily advisable for a country to forget its past, therefore history always keeps the tensions to others alive. I will explain.
Thank you for the quick response and for your feedbacks. You are absolutely right about the verb 'communicar'. Our verb list section is new. We will add this verb, as well as many other less common verbs.
Most common translations: elegante    duro    doctor    discrepar    diarrea    desprecio    desgarrador    desarme    demo    decelerar   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of empezar
empiezo  empiezas  empieza  empezamos  empezáis  empiezan  empezaba  empezabas  empezaba  empezábamos  empezabais  empezaban  empecé  empezaste  empezó  empezamos  empezasteis  empezaron  empezaré  empezarás  empezará  empezaremos  empezaréis  empezarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of begin   [ began, begun ]
Conjugation of commence   [ commenced, commenced ]
Conjugation of start   [ started, started ]