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Translation of empollón

empollón     nerd    

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Sample sentences:
Él es un empollón completamente aburrido que sólo habla de sus estudios.

He is a completely boring nerd who only speaks of his studies.

I wanted to tell you that we have uploaded a successful version (with Peter). In Annex I send the profile. It is very similar to the last version, just a few words less in each lesson.
It is called Facebook viral marketing. I'm 62 and it's somewhat mystifying, but my two boys are using it continuously. What I'm a bit afraid of is the personal information they send to everybody. It has no privacy.
I have accepted you into my friend list, you have to accept me now too. Great! My goal is to have a good level in English, so that I can find a decent job in England or in the United States.
Most common translations: elipse    déficit    dogmático    disecar    dictador    destapar    deshidratar    desatascador    demorar    decimoctavo