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Translation of endeble

endeble     flimsy    
el endeble     the wimp [coll]

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The script I am writing will shuffle the 1.5 million words and it will detect if too many words are from the same user. And if an entry is too long, I will skip it and rely on the sentences that we can hopefully make up together.
The conjugations of verbs are the biggest problem for me. I have never studied Spanish in school, but visited evening classes instead. This year I want to take a full Spanish course.
I wanted to know more about your job offer and if I have a chance to get it. And if my application is accepted, I would like to know more about the duration of the project. I believe in it very much.
Most common translations: empedernir    electrón    durante    doble    disco    diana    despojar    desfalco    desaparecer    demandante