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Translation of enfadar

enfadar     to anger    

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enfadar to make angry
enfadar сердить

The entrance hall had a design of the seventies which I found charming. An older man came towards me an asked me whether I needed a ride. I agreed and we drove to downtown of Havana, capital of Cuba.
I have your letter sitting on my desk. But, in the last 2 months I have been working on some projects which were very time consuming. I will not be able to start anything new before October or November.
The ship stopped in the middle of several limestone islands and passengers went swimming in the middle of the sea. There were dozens of other boats around us as the area was very touristy.
Most common translations: empobrecer    elevar    décimo    documento    discusión    dicho    desregular    deshacer    desastre    demonio   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of enfadar
enfado  enfadas  enfada  enfadamos  enfadáis  enfadan  enfadaba  enfadabas  enfadaba  enfadábamos  enfadabais  enfadaban  enfadé  enfadaste  enfadó  enfadamos  enfadasteis  enfadaron  enfadaré  enfadarás  enfadará  enfadaremos  enfadaréis  enfadarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of anger   [ angered, angered ]