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Translation of especialista

la especialista     the specialist    
el especialista      the specialist     

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Sample sentences:
Después de que le extirparon el tumo, la enviaron a un especialista en radiología.

After the removal of her tumor, she was sent to a radiology specialist.
Los recién nacidos deben ser examinados por un especialista en medicina neonatal. Newborn babies must be examined by a specialist in neonatal medicine.
el especialista specialist

The ingredients of the poem which seem to be so bright because of the white are in fact the ingredients of a witches broth: In everything there is something bad, even in the goodness and shininess.
Once they see a foreign person, their primitive thoughts come up and they start to hate and dislike without any actual reason. Whose fault is this hate? Is the fault of the ones who are afraid.
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Most common translations: escaso    entusiasmar    engrapar    enajenar    embarcadero    edificio    dormitorio    disponer    difícilmente    desvestirse