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Translation of espumar

espumar     to froth    

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The entrance hall had a design of the seventies which I found charming. An older man came towards me an asked me whether I needed a ride. I agreed and we drove to downtown of Havana, capital of Cuba.
I visited a few churches near the center and decided to climb the mountains nearby, on which there were also churches. My intention was to get a good shot at the town from above, a bird view.
I packed my belongings and went looking for my friend. I informed her about the situation and we left the island together. On the ferry she told me about the different travel options that I would have.
Most common translations: esencia    erudición    entablar    enemigo    empeñar    elegible    dáctilo    doctora    discreto    dibujante   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of espumar
espumo  espumas  espuma  espumamos  espumáis  espuman  espumaba  espumabas  espumaba  espumábamos  espumabais  espumaban  espumé  espumaste  espumó  espumamos  espumasteis  espumaron  espumaré  espumarás  espumará  espumaremos  espumaréis  espumarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of froth   [ frothed, frothed ]