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Translation of estacionamiento

el estacionamiento     the parking    

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el estacionamiento parking lot
estacionamiento parking

In this poem there is not any movement, it is only a snapshot of life, it means it is a picture, almost dead, as there is no movement at all. And this is the reason why the poem seems to be calming.
The sky was dark blue and this is what my sister had told me many years ago when she was there. One of the reasons for that was the altitude of the city, I recall to be it above 2000 meters.
Thank you for the quick response and for your feedbacks. You are absolutely right about the verb 'communicar'. Our verb list section is new. We will add this verb, as well as many other less common verbs.
Most common translations: espasmódico    escaramuza    entretenimiento    engaño    en ninguna parte    embalsamar    ecuación    dondequiera    disolver    diferir