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Translation of estrujar

estrujar     to press    

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Mr. Chang informed me that you have a customer that requires similar applications to what my customers have here in Switzerland. I am planning my next trip and I will consider visiting you too.
The film used (positive) is much more accurate in terms of color and pixels. It has a much higher range of colors, but the difficulty is that it is very sensitive and that is has a lot of contrast.
You come to a point where you have seen just enough, loved it and are ready to move on. It was one more ugly train ride to Hanoi. The train started rolling on time and we slept in our cabin again.
Most common translations: estafar    especificar    esclava    envase    enguatar    enardecer    embelesar    educado    dosel    disputa   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of estrujar
estrujo  estrujas  estruja  estrujamos  estrujáis  estrujan  estrujaba  estrujabas  estrujaba  estrujábamos  estrujabais  estrujaban  estrujé  estrujaste  estrujó  estrujamos  estrujasteis  estrujaron  estrujaré  estrujarás  estrujará  estrujaremos  estrujaréis  estrujarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of press   [ pressed, pressed ]