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Translation of extinguir

extinguir     to extinguish    ; to put out

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Sample sentences:
Aunque trató de extinguir el fuego, todavía quedaban brasas en la chimenea.

Though he tried to extinguish the fire, there were still embers in the fireplace.
Hay diferentes especies de gacelas, pero muchas de ellas ya se han extinguido. There are different species of gazelles, but many of them are already extinct.

The reason for this behavior may be a reflection of the geographical and geological structure of the state: A lot of high mountains and valleys prevent easy travelling to the neighbors surrounding it.
The film used (positive) is much more accurate in terms of color and pixels. It has a much higher range of colors, but the difficulty is that it is very sensitive and that is has a lot of contrast.
Yes, depending on demand. Vocabulix is a free service, but no one wanted to finance the German voices yet, which cost a little bit, so we started with Spanish and English which has higher demand.
Most common translations: excesivo    estrella fugaz    estabilidad    espaciar    escandinavo    entregar    enfrentar    emulsionar    elástico    eclipsar   

Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of extinguir
extingo  extingues  extingue  extinguimos  extinguís  extinguen  extinguía  extinguías  extinguía  extinguíamos  extinguíais  extinguían  extinguí  extinguiste  extinguió  extinguimos  extinguisteis  extinguieron  extinguiré  extinguirás  extinguirá  extinguiremos  extinguiréis  extinguirán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of extinguish   [ extinguished, extinguished ]