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Translation of extorsión

la extorsión     the extortion    

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Sample sentences:
Fue acusado de extorsión.

He was charged for extortion.

Please take into account, that on May 10 and 11 there are holidays in the United States and that we do not work on Saturday. This will leave only the 15th, 16th and 17th for a company visit.
I think I have told you that I won't charge you for this kind of help. I looked at the sentences and I found them a little too long. They were good, but I understand why it took you so long and I think the point is too keep the shorter.
I wish you a safe journey. In what city will you be staying in Germany? We want to buy a small flat in Eastern Germany. And if everything goes well, we want to build a small house next year.
Most common translations: exclamación    estreno    establecido    espantapájaros    escaparate    entrepierna    enfurecer    en efectivo    embajador    economista