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Translation of ganar

ganar      to earn     
ganar      to win     
ganar     to gain    ; to earn    ; to win    ; to defeat    ; to beat    ; to attain    

Pronunciation of ganar    

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Sample sentences:
Mi equipo ganó el partido porque su juego era superior.

My team won the game because their play was superior.
Él es un joven atlético que puede ganar la carrera. He is an athletic young man who can win the race.
Él ganó el concurso de ortografía del colegio el mes pasado. He was the winner of the spelling bee at school last month.
ganar to win; to earn
ganar to gain; to win
ganar to win; to beat
ganar to ear, win

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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of ganar
gano  ganas  gana  ganamos  ganáis  ganan  ganaba  ganabas  ganaba  ganábamos  ganabais  ganaban  gané  ganaste  ganó  ganamos  ganasteis  ganaron  ganaré  ganarás  ganará  ganaremos  ganaréis  ganarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of attain   [ attained, attained ]
Conjugation of beat   [ beat, beaten ]
Conjugation of defeat   [ defeated, defeated ]
Conjugation of earn   [ earned, earned ]
Conjugation of gain   [ gained, gained ]
Conjugation of win   [ won, won ]