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abgesehen except    

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Sample sentences:
Abgesehen von unserer Stadt haben alle Städte irgendetwas aufregendes an sich.

All cities have something exciting about them except ours.
abgesehen von; abgesehen von aside from; apart from that
erwähnend; gern geschehen; abgesehen von mentioned
abgesehen von; geschweige not to mention
außer, abgesehen von apart from
abgesehen von apart from; except for
außer,abgesehen von apart from

Do you know any people in Australia. I have delivered all the necessary information to the friends. Please give them a few more days to correct the letters (I was not in the office last week).
I saw the game. After the amazing pre-match ball shot I was so excited I could not fall asleep for 2 hours. The Eurosport commentator said: 'So what is his next trick? Walking home on the Hudson river?'
I found a pair of Nike shoes for a bargain and I do not know until this day why those shoes were so cheap. I am sure that they are not fake, as they are great quality. My wife also bought a pair.
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