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der Akt the act    

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Sample sentences:
Vergewaltigung ist ein sehr gewalttätiger Akt und dessen Opfer leiden für viele Jahre.

Rape is a very violent act and victims suffer for many years.
Akt, nackte Statue nude
Akt act

Maybe I oversaw something... In any case please send me instructions on how to implement it. I will contact you in about 1 month. Should you need any help, let me know. Have a great month.
The information we receive by hearing other people's stories, by watching TV (which is not an objective source of information) or by listening to the local radio generates a big responsiveness in us.
We entered the vessel from behind and went to take a shower. I remembered why I am not a big supporter of long boat rides: One every room and facility is small and second you move all the time.
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Conjugation of act   [ acted, acted ]