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Translation of ansteckend

ansteckend contagious    

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Sample sentences:
Der Funke in ihren Augen war ansteckend, und wir bewunderten sie alle.

The spark in her eyes was infectious, and we all adored her.
ansteckend, infektios infectious

He wants us to think about his poem to recognize the details because that is the only way of finding out more about the reality of life. With a lot of observation and analysis we see it in a clearer way.
Only if the circumstances support it, such events can take place. Anyway, the ones who make a personal problem a public one and who generalize by blaming the whole instead of an individual are guilty.
The same evening we left Patagonia and flew to the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. We have waited a long time for this moment as we have not been in a city for almost two weeks and we usually love the city.
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