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Translation of Auftakt

der Auftakt the anacrusis    
der Auftakt the upbeat    

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Sample sentences:
Bereits nach dem Auftakt wusste Mia, dass Jonathan das Lied geschrieben hatte.

After the upbeat, Mia knew Jonathan had written this song.

Instead of focusing on the meeting between Clinton and Mubarak, the media prefered to talk about the birthday cake that Hillary Clinton received and about the visit of pyramids and other attractions.
Unfortunately, it is a natural and eternal phenomenon of human beings. Whereever people have been, it appeared too. Please let me define racism in my next email to you and please share also your thoughts.
Actually, three hours was enough to get the impression of Macau. It had many narrow streets and some parts reminded us of a Mediterranean village. One can really see the charming Portuguese influence.
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