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Translation of ausgedacht

ausgedacht fictional    

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Sample sentences:
Viele Kinder heutzutage wissen nicht, dass Naruto eine ausgedachte Figur ist.

Some young children don't realize Naruto is a fictional character.
Sie sagten, das System, das sie sich ausgedacht habe sei nicht zertifikatsfähig. They said the system she invented was not certifiable.

No, it is a summer camp for teenagers between the age of 16 to 18. They spend 9-10 months of the year in the boarding school, first in the mountains, then near a sea in the local area. Some of them have work to do during the summer vacation.
I do translate to Spanish, but I always inform the client about my problem, in order not to have any dispute. The corrections I receive after proof reading are mostly a confusion between the different time forms in Spanish.
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