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Translation of bearbeiten

bearbeiten to edit    

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Sample sentences:
Einige Abschnitte des Dekretes mussten von der Sekretärin bearbeitet werden.

A few sections of the decree needed to be edited by the secretary.
aufträge bearbeiten to process orders
etw. bearbeiten to treat sth.; treat sth.
bearbeiten; weiterleiten process
bearbeiten; verarbeiten process
bearbeiten, verarbeiten process
behandeln, bearbeiten to treat

I suggest that we meet next week online, I will show you the results and discuss our next steps. I received the first examples and exercises. Let us meet on Tuesday, maybe at 11:00? Is that OK?
These are the guys who need to be blames. They are primitive, ignorant, selfish and they appear to me as thought they are confined in their ideas. They cannot think outside the box for even once.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of bearbeiten
bearbeite  bearbeitest  bearbeitet  bearbeiten  bearbeitet  bearbeiten  bearbeitete  bearbeitetest  bearbeitete  bearbeiteten  bearbeitetet  bearbeiteten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of edit   [ edited, edited ]