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Translation of bekennen

bekennen to confess    

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Sample sentences:
Mehr als Tausend Leute nahmen an der Beerdigung der bekannten Person statt.

More than a thousand people attended the funeral of the famous person.
eingestehen; bekennen; gestehen admit
zugeben; anerkennen; bekennen admit

Naturally, like everyone else, Italian think about themselves that they are the best. They think that Italy is a great nation and a great country, but these thoughts are never aggresive or political.
These are the guys who need to be blames. They are primitive, ignorant, selfish and they appear to me as thought they are confined in their ideas. They cannot think outside the box for even once.
In the evening we saw a Dutch couple which we have met in El Calafate (in the Perito Moreno tour and who were with us on the airplane to the Peninsula). We looked for our hotel and it was OK.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of bekennen
bekenne  bekennst  bekennt  bekennen  bekennt  bekennen  bekannte  bekanntest  bekannte  bekannten  bekanntet  bekannten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of confess   [ confessed, confessed ]