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Translation of angeben

angeben to state    ; to specify    ; to brag    ; to show off

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angeben; ausrufen; vereinbaren to declare
etw. angeben, nennen to quote something
angeben (Größe) to represent
vorführen; angeben mit show off
etw. angeben to indicate something
angeben anzeigen nennen indicate
angeben to state; to indicate
hinweisen; angeben indicate
zitieren, angeben to quote
angeben; prahlen to boast
(genau) angeben specify
Prahlerei; angeben brag

Do you need them as hard or soft copy? Donna, I forgot I can't on Wednesday... My family is coming for the weekend. Maybe we can do it one week later? I am kindly asking you to tell also Harry.
Only if the circumstances support it, such events can take place. Anyway, the ones who make a personal problem a public one and who generalize by blaming the whole instead of an individual are guilty.
The American (his name was Jeffrey) meant that this is the hour where usually the price of goods went down as the sellers were under pressure and did not want to return with the product.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of angeben
gebe an  gibst an  gibt an  geben an  gebt an  geben an  gab an  gabst an  gab an  gaben an  gabt an  gaben an     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of brag   [ bragged, bragged ]
Conjugation of specify   [ specified, specified ]
Conjugation of state   [ stated, stated ]