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Translation of state in German

to state     angeben
to state     aussagen
the state      der Zustand 
the state      der Staat 
the state     der Staat; der Status; der Zustand
the state     das Bundesland

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Sample sentences:
His sharp intellect won him a scholarship in the United States.

Sein scharfer Verstand machte ein Stipendium in den Vereinigten Staaten möglich.
Whenever I danced with him, I was in a state of bliss. Immer wenn ich mit ihm tanzte, war ich selig.
May is the season of asparagus in some federal states of Germany. Mai ist die Saison der Spargeln in einigen Bundesländern in Deutschland.
member state; member nation Mitgliedsstaat
Secretary of State Außenminister(1)
to state a case den Standpunkt darlegen
solid state relays kontaktloses Relais
state-certified staatlich geprüft
state-owned company Staatsunternehmen
state Zustand; Staat; erklären
state darlegen; Regeln aufstellen
state of siege Belagerungszustand

Hamburg is a very beautiful city and i have a friend studying in that university. I hope you can enjoy your live and studying there. I have been teaching in a language school for a while. But in one month I am going to be in Hanover again.
I would like to chat with you regularly, but it looks like you are not online at the moment. I heard about the political turmoil in your country, and I hope that it is not going to affect you.
We overflew beautiful, huge mountain ranges (Andes) just before landing in Cusco. The small domestic airport of Cusco immediately gives you the feeling that you arrived at the right place.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of state   [ stated, stated ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of angeben
gebe an  gibst an  gibt an  geben an  gebt an  geben an  gab an  gabst an  gab an  gaben an  gabt an  gaben an