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Translation of benebelt

benebelt woozy [coll]

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Sample sentences:
Nach drei Gläsern Tequila und zwei Gläsern Wodka fühlte ich mich ziemlich benebelt.

After three shots of tequila and two shots of vodka, I felt pretty woozy.

Of course I have already tried, but it did not work. I will try it again. Meanwhile, here is the reason for my short emails... only one hand free at a time, see explanation in the image of me.
He was educated as Roman Catholic, converted to Evangelism after he married her and he raised his son and daughters by the Muslim faith. They develop skills, make you get used to it, and when you are into it, whoosh, they disappear at once.
Today it is Sunday and I am very lazy. My daughter is 5 years old and she still needs her mother. So be ready, even if you are outside! I'm a sleepy! Could you do this?
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