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Translation of Betriebsleitung

die Betriebsleitung the general management

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Betriebsleitung management

Let in rain again. I love listen to music on the weekend while it rains. When I used to live in Darmstadt I hated the rain, but since I live in Greece, I love it because it does not rain that often here.
You wrote the first one 2 weeks ago. I was just thinking that 'LUCARAS' is a brandname, while the dictionary is a type. In plural, formal address would be 'vosotros' in Spain, and 'ustedes' in most of the Spanish speaking world.
Now I am married and I work as a computer scientist at the University of Heidelberg. I have a daughter and two sons. Now I am saying goodbye and I will wait for your message on Vocabulix.
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