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darlegen to explain    

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enthüllen; darlegen; entblößen expose
den Standpunkt darlegen to state a case
ausstellen; zeigen; darlegen exhibit
erklären, darlegen to explain
darlegen; Regeln aufstellen state
äußern; darlegen to air
darlegen; blossstellen to expose
darlegen; sich Luft machen air
darlegen,Zusammenfassen sum up
darlegen, feststellen stated
blosstellen,darlegen expose
darlegen to set out

I hope my explanation was also clear that would say that for english verbs a to needs to be put from the selection list. Like: inhale would be 'to inhale' == 'inhalar'. The 'to' is taken from a selection list.
I've also looked at the interface, and found it a good idea to include the colloquial option. Would it be very complicated to add the most important regional check box, like Spain, South America or Central America?
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