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Translation of desinfizieren

desinfizieren to disinfect    

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räuchern; desinfizieren fumigation

So, I have to say that the behavior of the people living in Turkey is very different from most countries in the world. They are very open, kind and funny, sometimes one can think that they are rude.
The intolerance between them rose. The Dutch population feared assaults by their neighbors and thus kept away from personal contact with anybody who was not Dutch. Clearly this issue disappeared.
The days before I left to Mexico and Cuba I started to track the hurricanes in the region. September was not the ideal time to visit the region, but it fitted the best according to my previous boss.
Lately viewed by others: dabei    bläulich    bevorzugt    berühren    beibringen    beanspruchen    aussagen    aufwärts    aufbacken    anschließen   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of desinfizieren
desinfiziere  desinfizierst  desinfiziert  desinfizieren  desinfiziert  desinfizieren  desinfizierte  desinfiziertest  desinfizierte  desinfizierten  desinfiziertet  desinfizierten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of disinfect   [ disinfected, disinfected ]