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Translation of Diplom

das Diplom the diploma    

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Sample sentences:
Keines der Diplome konnte den Studenten übergeben werden, da der Drucker nicht funktionierte.

None of the diplomas could be handed to the students as the printer didn't work.
Abschlussprüfung machen; Diplom machen to take a degree
Zeugnis; Diplom; Urkunde certificates
diplom; Abschluss degree
Zeugnis, Diplom diploma
Diplom; Stufe degree
das Diplom degree

The entire American mass media is now focusing on this event after Monday night's Halloween disaster, in which two people were accused. Only nine others will participate in the coming season.
Indeed, these two are very stronlgy connected. The first is often led by a certain party or representative who represents the interest of the others. It gives them a feeling of togetherness and belonging.
Luckily the town was small and the hotel manager could call all taxi stations. They checked it through their radios and an hour later the driver was back with our bags. He did not want to be paid extra, but I insisted.
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