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Translation of einfallsreich

einfallsreich imaginative    ; shifty    

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Sample sentences:
Er war einfallsreich, was Entschuldigungen anging, nicht arbeiten zu müssen.

He was imaginative when it came to excuses for not working.
einfallsreich imaginatif

Boston is kind of huge neighborhood, generally very friendly people and you may meet many people that you already know. So it is pretty easy to get used to and if you grow up there, you don't wanna leave. If you do, you are going to miss it terribly.
I am a computer scientist and I also have a small restaurant with my younger sister (she is also already 53). You can come and visit, I will buy you a drink and we could chat a little.
I want to apologize to you for my late response. It was important for me to meet first with Mr. Kaufler in Zurich and to discuss the situation between the two companies. Now I know more.
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