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Translation of imaginative in German

imaginative     einfallsreich; erfinderisch; fantasievoll; kreativ; phantasievoll

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Sample sentences:
He was imaginative when it came to excuses for not working.

Er war einfallsreich, was Entschuldigungen anging, nicht arbeiten zu müssen.

You can always write me and we can learn together any language you want. How long you have taken classes? Was it only at night or on weekends? Makes me wonder how someone can be so fluent in Spanish.
Please give me a minute to work on it, I've currently three people talking to me at the same time over the support chat, plus two others in form of real people in my office! (Yes this still exists, real people...). Is that OK?
Do not worry, please, all is well here. I find it fascinating how fast you can write texts in foreign languages. I know how hard it is, and I congratulate you. Waiting to your next email.
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