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Translation of entscheiden

entscheiden to decide    

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Sample sentences:
Er entschied sich dafür, Mathe und Theologie zu studieren.

He decided to study math and theology.
Die Sichtbarkeit war durch den Nebel sehr beeinträchtigt und der Pilot entschied sich das Flugzeug an einem andern Flughafen zu landen. The visibility was hindered by the fog so the pilot decided to land the plane at another airport.
Ken entschied sich für einen Verlobungsring aus Platin. Ken opted for an engagement ring made of platinum.
(sich) entscheiden; Entscheidung to decide; decision
entscheiden; entschließen; bestimmen decide
Recht sprechen; entscheiden; Richter judge
beschließen; entscheiden to conclude
entscheiden zu kommen decide to come
bestimmen, entscheiden to determine

A bystander who watched the entire scene all the time decided to help me. He was an older man, around seventy, but nonetheless he went to the oldest of these kids and slapped him. The boy was sixteen.
Whatever you decide is fine for me. We arrived in the USA. I remember you telling me that you are working with Holiday Inn. Is there any way that we could get the discount price directly from the hotel?
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of entscheiden
entscheide  entscheidest  entscheidet  entscheiden  entscheidet  entscheiden  entschied  entschiedest  entschied  entschieden  entschiedet  entschieden     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of decide   [ decided, decided ]