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Translation of Telefon

das Telefon  the phone     
das Telefon the telephone    

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Sample sentences:
Das war vor Jahrzehnten, als Telefone noch Wählscheiben hatten.

That was decades ago when phones still had dials on them.
Der Statistiker bestätigte die Zahlen per Telefon. The statistician confirmed the numbers on the phone.
Noch vor wenigen Jahren war das Telefon das fortgeschrittenste Kommunikationssystem. The telephone was considered the most advanced communication system just a few years ago.
das Telefon läutet the telephone rings
abheben (das Telefon) answer the telephone
das Telefon, Telefone the telephone(s)
abheben (Telefon) answer the telephone
ans Telefon gehen to answer the phone
Telefon abheben answer the telephone
am Apparat; am Telefon on the phone
(telefon) Anrufen (phone) call
warten (am Telefon) to hold on

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English Verbs    
Conjugation of phone   [ phoned, phoned ]
Conjugation of telephone   [ telephoned, telephoned ]