German Dictionary

Translation of ersuchen

ersuchen to beseech    

Translation by Vocabulix


sich wenden an; ersuchen to apply to; to refer to; to call on
ersuchen; Einspruch erheben; zusagen appeal
Bewerbung; Anwendung; Ersuchen application
bitten, betteln; flehen; ersuchen to plead
auf Ersuchen at the request
bitten,ersuchen request
Bitte; Ersuchen request
ersuchen to petition
Ersuchen requests

So you have taken a German course in the Ghoete Institute. Well, I certainly learned something with you, and your German is already a lot better than last time. I think we really did it.
I've been working on and off on the dictionary during the entire week, and I'll spend some more hours on it this coming weekend. Sometimes he would get a bit mixed up and use formal Castilian sometimes instead of informal.
Maybe it's just a small mistake but I think that we corrected almost all errors. But I'm not worried anyway, because you already have good language skills. Good luck with your exams tomorrow.
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