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Translation of existieren

existieren  to exist     

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Sample sentences:
Obwohl heutzutage moderne Kommunikationsmethoden existieren, ist es immer noch schön Postkarten zu bekommen.

Although modern communication means exist today, it is still nice to receive a postcard.
Die Schlange glitt über den Schoß des Mönches, als ob er nicht existierte. The snake slithered across the monk's lap as if he didn't exist.
Lass uns keine Zeit damit verschwenden, über nicht existierende Probleme zu reden. Let's not waste time talking about nonexistent problems.

Maybe I oversaw something... In any case please send me instructions on how to implement it. I will contact you in about 1 month. Should you need any help, let me know. Have a great month.
But his intensions are clear. By saying: 'I do not want anybody but you, I don't want anyone else...' he actually refers also to the unborn child. He is putting her into a sad dilema. She refuses.
We went to eat dinner with the Dutch couple in a Sea food restaurant highly recommended in our Lonely Planet Travel Guide Book. It was OK, but we had a great time with our friends.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of existieren
existiere  existierst  existiert  existieren  existiert  existieren  existierte  existiertest  existierte  existierten  existiertet  existierten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of exist   [ existed, existed ]