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farbig colored    

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farbig, farbenfroh colourful
farbig, Farbiger non-white
farbig coloured

Mr. Chang informed me that you have a customer that requires similar applications to what my customers have here in Switzerland. I am planning my next trip and I will consider visiting you too.
The vehicle turned west towards the countryside and drove on Route MEX186 towards Escargera and then southwards. I fell asleep soon and had a very bad sleep, as it was colder than I had imagined.
At around eight in the evening we were back, took a hot shower and met our friends for a fancy dinner. They were leaving the country the next day and we would stay there another three days.
Most common translations: erträglich    ergreifen    enthaupten    eintönig    einführen    durchschnittlich    diversifizieren    dein    brüten    bis morgen