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Translation of Feinheit in German-English

die Feinheit the subtlety    

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One of the users claimed that the speed of the website on facebook was very slow. Did you experience the same issue? Yes, I've also noticed that the site is a little slow, but not so slow as to find it necessary to advise you.
To grow from there was the right decision. That means that I should find the decision makers of predefined websites, and do not need to search the Web for potential buyers generally.
Over the weekend we'll drive home and then I will tell you more about myself and my wife. If you want I can correct your text messages. Please send me the messages directly to my inbox.
Most common translations: Falknerei    Eule    Ernennung    Entschädigung    Elixier    Einsiedler    Eichelhäher    Dunkelziffer    Donnerschlag    Diener