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Translation of festkleben in German-English

festkleben to stick    

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We spoke on Friday noon, I got your details through Vocabulix friends. That is similar to what you're teacher is using. It would be best if we could meet or communicate through phone or email.
I slept in the jungle lodge. Dinner was really nice as there was only one restaurant were everybody gathered. My newly acquired friends invited me to join them for dinner and we had a great time.
We woke up around one hour before arriving and got off the train once it arrived at its destination. We checked in for our last night in the same hotel very early in the morning after having coffee of course.
Most common translations: evangelisch    ernähren    entweder    emaillieren    einmalig    ehrfürchtig    dringen    despotisch    dafür    blühen   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of festkleben
klebe fest  klebst fest  klebt fest  kleben fest  klebt fest  kleben fest  klebte fest  klebtest fest  klebte fest  klebten fest  klebtet fest  klebten fest     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of stick   [ stuck, stuck ]