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die Flechte the plait    

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Flechte braid

What steered the little fly to the plant? Naturally, we do not know the answer. The human being cannot understand nature because he is part of it, he is inside it. Therefore he cannot judge objectively.
After that I expect that you do the same. Write me a text in English and the same translated to Spanish. This way we will learn all directions. We will be able to compare the texts and learn.
Unfortunately, the boat's maneuvering system broke down and we were told that we could not take it. We were furious, but decided to make the best out of the situation. The offered to take the Red Dragon instead.
Most common translations: Fettleibigkeit    Fehlfunktion    Fahrschule    Este    Erkrankung    Entkalkung    Elektroingenieur    Einling    Ehefrau    Dränage   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of plait   [ plaited, plaited ]