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Translation of Floh in German-English

der Floh the flea    

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Sample sentences:
Der alte Hund war voller Flöhe und brauchte ein Bad.

The old dog was full of fleas and needed a bath.
Der Bewaffnete floh, nachdem er drei Schüsse gefeuert hatte. The gunman fled after he had fired three shots.
Der Aggressor floh, ließ die Tatwaffe jedoch zurück. The assailant got away but left his weapon behind.

In order to change something you need to have courage, even if it is the smallest thing. Actually let me refine, changing needs only courage if the current situation is not bad but not perfect either.
Moreover, even if we know a lot about a certain culture, we will never be able to understand it in the same way and with the same depth as they do, since we have a very different point of view.
Usually we were not that picky, but we intended to stay in Buenos Aires for almost 10 days. On the first day we walked around the city center and did some shopping in the Florida passage.
Most common translations: Erfahrung    Dialekt    Blech    Auto    Ameise    ziehen    vermieten    sparen    schauspielern    müssen