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Translation of Flüchtigkeit in German-English

die Flüchtigkeit the volatility    

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Not only will the trip be a success for LIF but for many students it will be a great experience too. We do not care about the stories about us which have been published during the last few months.
After that I expect that you do the same. Write me a text in English and the same translated to Spanish. This way we will learn all directions. We will be able to compare the texts and learn.
Usually we were not that picky, but we intended to stay in Buenos Aires for almost 10 days. On the first day we walked around the city center and did some shopping in the Florida passage.
Most common translations: Flachs    Festland    Favorit    Fahndungsliste    Eskimo    Erfrierung    Entdeckung    Ekel    Einigung    Edelmetall