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die Fluggesellschaft the airline    

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Fluggesellschaft carrier

In addition she is enjoying her studies very much. Work is fine! I'm in a learning phase and I have started my initial plans quickly. Two hours ago, I watched the Grand slam final of the US open!
The view from the top was awesome. From there one could see that every house almost had a different color, but that the roofs were all tiled. I took my camera and took several images on diapositive.
Some of the people had invited me for dinner and I joined them. I soon found out that they were eating at their apartment and were cooking by themselves. I found myself peeling raw potatoes.
Most common translations: Finesse    Ferien    Farbpinsel    Explosion    Ertrag    Erbstück    Emulsion    Einzelzimmer    Einbildung    Dynamik