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Translation of fluktuieren in German-English

fluktuieren to fluctuate    

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Sample sentences:
Im Sommer fluktuierte die Feuchtigkeit, aber war im allgemeinen ziemlich hoch.

In the summer, the humidity fluctuated but was generally quite high.

However, if a company's situation is not really bad, they need to be twice as careful about any changes, as some changes may bring opposite or even side effects. No change is entirely riskfree.
The vehicle turned west towards the countryside and drove on Route MEX186 towards Escargera and then southwards. I fell asleep soon and had a very bad sleep, as it was colder than I had imagined.
The Halong Bay Red Dragon boat's capacity was around ninety passengers and had a much larger crew. We did not have a choice at all and the couple from Washington and we decided to go for it.
Most common translations: faxen    erwischt    erhöhen    entlang    einweisen    einhalten    dynastisch    dorthin    dementsprechend    böse   

German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of fluktuieren
fluktuiere  fluktuierst  fluktuiert  fluktuieren  fluktuiert  fluktuieren  fluktuierte  fluktuiertest  fluktuierte  fluktuierten  fluktuiertet  fluktuierten     
English Verbs    
Conjugation of fluctuate   [ fluctuated, fluctuated ]