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die Form  the form     

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Sample sentences:
Jeder Genosse muss irgendeine Form von Kennung besitzen.

Every comrade has to have some form of identification.
Um den Kauf des neuen Hauses finanzieren zu können, müssen wir der Bank irgendeinen Form von Sicherheit bieten. To finance the purchase of the new house we have to show some form of security to the bank.
Einige Stadien haben die Form einer Schüssel und eine Kapazität für Hunderttausend Menschen. Some stadiums have the form of a bowl and have a capacity for one hundred thousand people.
die Form, Formen the shape(s); the form(s)
in tabellarischer Form in tabular form
einfache form verb simple form
in Form kommen get into shape
Anrede(form) form of address
außer form out of shape

The earlier you go to the top of the mountains the fewer people are on the slopes. I love the sound of the ski-lifts and seeing the villages disappear in the distance while I move up to the mountains.
However, if you are able to link to us from another major site (school site, language site, maybe even a good private site), I will be able to convince my colleagues to make an exception and upload your lessons.
I had imagined my first dinner to be a little different, but I was already here and wanted to make the best out of it. So i ate there and return to my hostel at around ten o'clock at night.
Most common translations: Espresso    Doktor    Boot    Ball    Angeber    zurückkommen    verzeihen    statt    schlimm    nerven   

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Conjugation of form   [ formed, formed ]