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Translation of gebeugt

gebeugt bent    

Translation by Vocabulix


gekrümmt, gebeugt crooked
vom alter gebeugt stooped

In the beginning it looked brutal but it worked. He brought my wallet back to me and asked me to count the bills in it. I was stunned and could not believe what just happened. He repeated his order.
Good to hear, where are you moving to? Finally NY, or to Vancouver? Lets you sleep at night... don't get too excited... that may change... Will you be working too? Or simply enjoying motherhood?
Do be honest, I like the page as well. My suggestion is to create a page similar to the current one, but without the advanced course and without the hard copy order option which is not our thing.
Most common translations: freut mich    findig    fahnden    erstaunt    erfolgen    entfalten    einsteigen    eine    durchbrennen    diktatorisch