German Dictionary

Translation of gerichtet

gerichtet directional    ; vectored    

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Clara agreed about a month ago to give me her acquaintances' contact details from NYU and Columbia. I have just spoken to her now and she told me that you could help me and send me those files.
How could I get better in Spanish if I had to eat by myself. Impossible. The next days we always ate together and sat around the table for hours discussing politics and the lives we were living.
Not worth mentioning. The next day we spent the entire day in the mall buying unuseful things, cheap Jeans of poor quality and again gifts for our friends. I remember buying swimming pants in the sports store.
Most common translations: gefährlich    frühestens    flott    faulen    erwidern    erholsam    entkriminalisieren    einwandfrei    eingreifen    duschen