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Translation of Gerissenheit

die Gerissenheit the cunning    

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Gerissenheit cunning

Last year, many parties did not receive votes anymore and had to go to the opposition. The entire area is governed today by leftist parties and the center block is weakenng constantly during the last year.
Let me talk about nicer things in this email. In the last mail we spoke about the poems that we have read in our last spring break. We are not of the kind who love partying all night. We came to relax.
On the way back I visited a private beach resort. I just wanted to see whether I could get in and it was not a problem at all. The resort belonged to some club on the main land near Cancun.
Most common translations: Geldautomat    Gebäude    Gallone    Funke    Frechheit    Flughafenpersonal    Fingerabdruck    Ferienort    Farbton    Exponent