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Translation of geschwätzig

geschwätzig talkative    ; gabby    
geschwätzig chatty    

Translation by Vocabulix


geschwätzig chatty, gossipy

In the beginning it looked brutal but it worked. He brought my wallet back to me and asked me to count the bills in it. I was stunned and could not believe what just happened. He repeated his order.
Indeed, these two are very stronlgy connected. The first is often led by a certain party or representative who represents the interest of the others. It gives them a feeling of togetherness and belonging.
We checked in at the huge Hotelasia, close to the Sony center, a large shopping mall, where we planned another shopping spree in the coming two days. We had disgusting dinner at a boring pizza place.
Most common translations: geistreich    führen    fortgehen    fertig    etwaig    ermüden    entspannend    elektrisiert    einklinken    egoistisch