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Translation of Gestapo

die Gestapo the Gestapo    

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I came on time and two hours later I arrived at Tuxla Gutieres. I was always suspicious here and I never knew whom to trust. Somehow I got to the airport a few hours too early but this is better.
From that day on we shared dinner. In addition, I explained them, that the reasons for coming to Cuba was photography and the Spanish language, which I wanted to improve after studying for a year.
After a short guided tour we came back to pick up our luggage and left to the airport. When the airplane took off it was already dark outside. We were surprised about the airline's good condition and service.
Most common translations: Gepäckraum    Geisterstadt    Gebrauch    Füße    Frühe    Frage    Floh    Fiedel    Felgenband    Faltblatt