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Translation of gewohnt sein

gewohnt sein  to be used to     

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gewohnt sein an be accustomed to
gewohnt sein used to be

After a wonderful mountain breakfast with a hot chocolate drink one can enjoy the view by looking outside the window and seeing the white landscape, high mountains and the sun reflected in the white powder.
Good to hear, where are you moving to? Finally NY, or to Vancouver? Lets you sleep at night... don't get too excited... that may change... Will you be working too? Or simply enjoying motherhood?
I went to the desk of Aerolineas Mexicanas and postponed my flight by two days. I did not have to get prepared as I had done some homework before coming here. The backup plan was Isla Mujeres.
Most common translations: genießen    geboren werden    frikassieren    flackern    falten    erstens    erforschen    entfliehen    einstöckig    einer