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Translation of Gleichgültigkeit

die Gleichgültigkeit the indifference    

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Sample sentences:
Seine Gleichgültigkeit deprimierte sie, und sie verließ ihn.

His indifference depressed her, and she left him.
gleichgültigkeit; ausgeglichenheit equanimity

There are several different TV programs in the hotel room and depending on the country of origin they broadcast in different languages. I believe European TV programs are much longer and have less advertisement than those from North America.
I have three children, Michelle, Cathy and Joe. Unfortunately, my parents do not live in the area. I am glad that they visit every 2 weeks, although they are already over 70 years old.
Why did you sit on the box? You obviously did not know that there were presents inside. Now, seriously, do you have a backup plan? We must buy new gifts if we want to go to the party.?
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